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☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
31 August 2030 @ 10:13 pm

Semi-friends only, anyway. I'll make public posts with my icon and other media posts, but otherwise, FRIENDS ONLY. >:|
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☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
 WIP drawing behind the cut - one half of the epic fight scene I'm supposed to do thanks to Second Dawn, which also might turn into a late birthday present for shin_michael if only because it could also be interpreted as a scene we did in Asgard during the whole Lunacy fiasco.

Mind if I could be one of your enemies?Collapse )
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☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
11 August 2011 @ 01:22 am
 Well, as per tradition, apparently I get many a cracky idea from the tournament circuit. Here is but one part of the shenanigans. Most of these have been brought to you via GoogleDocs chat and IRC:

And yes, that is Spider-Man riding a Manticore.Collapse )
I need to work on my trollface, but hey, that's what practice is for. :3
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☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
26 July 2011 @ 11:50 am
 .....oh wow. Uh, hi guys. :'D Been a while, huh?

So things have been going pretty well so far, few ups and downs as far as the hibachi/sushi bar has been going, but it's getting a lot better. Now if only I could get more hours ....

Anyway, so another writing tournament has started up - was originally going to reprise a certain Mr. Badguy, but when the time came for an intro, it just wouldn't come to me, and even though I had a few other options, one in particular didn't stand out until the drive back to La Crosse yesterday after picking up the dress for big bro's wedding.

Icon relevant.
A friend is writing darkside!Soma, sooooo, pretty sure there's going to be epic confrontations at least a couple times before tourney end. Actually surprised I finally have time to participate again. Also pretty damn excited - it's been a long time since I got a chance to write like this again. Might help me with some fic ideas in the future.
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☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
08 April 2011 @ 01:24 pm
... fuck I love this song.

ANYWAY. Beat GOD HAND last night, feel pretty BA because of it. Also, Dry, Mike, JSG, you'll enjoy this.


TREVOR MODE IN CURSE OF DARKNESS, YOU'RE NEXT. Also, fight prompts are coming along, halfway through Ragna vs. Nero and have a decent start on Iori vs. Mitsunari. I WILL PREVAIL.
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☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
23 March 2011 @ 02:15 pm
Y'know what, fuck it. I'm in the mood for this.

Doing a simplified version of my ever-famous FAITO MEME because I need to get back into writing as a whole, and fights have always been a good way for me to do it.

So~ Give me a matchup, most of you guys know what fandoms/characters I write for, and this also can count toward original works [Academy of Hart, Condemned by Lies, etc (yes Mike, this means Molly's fair game too)].

LAY IT ON ME. I'll post results on hidingbetrayal and link it up through here. :3
☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
22 March 2011 @ 12:39 pm
 Sooooo guess who, along with three other guys, have unlocked all the endings in MvC3 over the course of about four days?


Yes, you can save your fighterfag remarks, I know already.

It's nice to get back into fighting games again, honestly, though. It really does. My teams tend to waver depending on my mood, but mainstays do tend to be Dante (duh), X-23, Phoenix, Iron Man, and Chris so far. I kinda want to try more stuff with She-Hulk, too. :|a

Also, I got a tumblr now if anyone wants to follow: it's going to be mostly a sketchdump place for me, so expect a lot of crack/inside jokes.

@ liionheart
Also: MvC3 soundtrack = beautiful.
☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
➝ Name a character or pairing and I'll give you a song that reminds me of them!

Muselist over here!
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☀ No one's gonna take me alive ☀
02 March 2011 @ 01:18 pm

I'm working on an application for a modern!AU version of Masamune [recycleddestiny], and I made an open musebox post for people to poke him so I can get his voice down.

Post is over here if you're interested!
Also, there's a massive update over at brbbeingbadass in terms of icons. Fandoms for that are ARAGO, Blazblue, BLEACH, Castlevania, Devil May Cry, Eyeshield 21, GARO, Guilty Gear, Gundam Wing, King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Tekken, and X-Man.

Still need to finish my SenBasa icons first before I divvy that out, though. :|a